Customer Reviews for Prism Polish

“Prism Polish gets the Blue Water Sailing seal of approval. It works well and has enough uses that we plan to keep on trying it on different materials.”

Blue Water Sailing, In their Collector's Edition February, 2005 'Take a shine to this'

“The truck trailer business is a tough business. We now have a polish to do a tough job! Thanks again.”

Gene Federhofer, Trailmobile

“Your polish is the best we’ve used. We are completing an architectural job, building all of the bronze rails for the remodel of the Washington DC Marriott ballroom. I’ll let you know when we need more. Thanks.”

Jim Kavle, Atlantic Spar & Rigging

“I have used it {Prism} to clean a number of items around the house. I am now using it on my sailboat hull – it is making the gel coat look brand new. Great product!”

Bill DeWitt, Chicago

“I was in the boatyard at Torreson in Muskegon, MI today working on my Cayenne 41 “Arriba” and ran into Tom from Kalamazoo who was working on his 14 year old 37.5 Hunter “R Dreambouy”. It looked new. He was telling me about your “Prism” and how well it worked on fiberglass. He told me he was the first to use it on fiberglass. I tried a little and it worked the best of any thing I had tried.”

Thomas Palmer

“Used it (Prism) for first time this weekend – works much better than the metal cleaner we had from West Marine. We’ve already recommended it to several of our friends.”


“A friend, Van Bussman from Detroit has the same boat as I do; Catalina 470. His boat looks great so I thought I would try the cleaner/polish he uses, Prism.”

Dave K.

“Thank you, Jerry. We purchased Mirage at the Annapolis boat show last year. And, we love it! We’re using it this season.”


“To be specific I recommend Prism Polish for external use on government weapons”.

Sgt Tommy J. Jones, Weapons Custodian, E Co. 4th Recon Battalion/ USMC

“Hi Jerry, I bought a new boat yesterday (a catamaran) and one of my biggest problems with the boat was that the windows were all clouded over (a real problem since {there is} lots of window space in the galley, nav station, etc. This is a big plus with catamarans).
The guy who owned the boat had just purchased some of your product (a friend of his told him that he had to get some) and he said that the product claimed to be able to clear up oxidized Plexiglas. All the boat owners standing around said “no way … it’s just more Internet B.S.” We tried it and it was absolutely AMAZING … no one could believe the results. The guy who sold me the boat said that his wife would divorce him if she ever found out that the windows could be cleared up without replacing them – – – we were all sworn to secrecy !!!! 😉 Thanks.”

Chuck Flynn

“A friend of mine got a tube at Americade and I tried it out. It put Mother’s mag & aluminum polish to shame.”

Thomas A. Smith

“Bought your product at the Annapolis Boat Show. We have an older sailboat (22 years old) and I was thoroughly impressed with how it cleaned up oxidized plexiglass ports and hatches not to mention how great it works on metal and fiberglass. This order will be to compound and wax the hull on our 38ft sailboat.”


“My friend, Capt. Shane La Prade, told me about Prism Polish. He bought it at the Annapolis Boat Show last fall. I spent a few days sailing with him and noticed the brass on his boat was brilliant. Shane credits Prism Polish, and the ease of using it, for the nice looking brass.
I bought your product at Annapolis Boat Show fall of 04 and used it on my new Sabre 386 for the 05 season. I really liked the results, and it is easier to apply and buff than any wax I ever used. Just realized I do not have enough left for the topsides this season. Thanks for the quick response.”

L Cordrey

“Jerry…I saw the original ‘Mr. Douglas’ demo’d at the Norwalk Boat Show a few years ago and bought a can. I used it on the stainless steel on my sailboat and spread the word about what a great metal polish it was, talking to boaters in a string of marinas stretching from Connecticut to the Caribbean and back.
When that ran out I phoned the number on the can and the owner of the company picked up the phone. I ordered two cans from him and when it arrived I used it on my stainless again, but decided to try it out on some deep scratches on my gel-coat; I was amazed by the results.
Now I use it, as well as the Mirage polish, on all non-porous metal, glass and plastic from stem to stern, and more recently brought it into my wife’s kitchen to use on a stainless refrigerator and several black-bottomed pots and pans. I recently showed a buddy how well it works to eliminate the pockmarks on the wheel rims of his Harley.
The stuff is so effective — I remember your company’s owner (forgot his name) telling me there were no harsh abrasives and to be sure to use paper towels — I was so impressed and curious that I went on line to learn about polymers. I still don’t understand why, but it beats old-fashioned stuff like NevR Dull plus elbow grease by a country mile.
That’s my story. I’m in the marketing field myself, publishing The Global Marketer ( so I appreciate not only the product you manufacture but the product-name and packaging upgrades that you’ve made since I bought my first can.
The stuff is so good, EVERYBODY I demonstrate it to is absolutely blown away with how well it works. In short, you’ve got a terrific product and I”m going to keep on buying it.
I don’t know how large your company’s production capacity is, but with the right distribution setup like Boat US/West Marine, Boaters World, Ace and/or True Value hardware chains, you could sell MILLIONS of cans if you’re not already doing so.
So good luck and best regards. Keep up the good work. And thanks for asking.”

Kerry Smith

“Jerry, I machined a part from lexan for NASA. The engineer said he wanted to be able to see thru it to see how things are working. When I got done with that thing, it looked like a piece of crystal.
Now several other engineers want to know how I did it! They want to be able to do their parts like that.
They make the big bucks! Should I show them what your polish and a Burger King napkin will do?
To get to the subject, how about sending us a couple boxes of the small polishes (eight per box).
I don’t remember what you were going to charge, but remind me please.
We have a website about ready to post for machinery related accessories and will give the polish a page.
I’ll send you a link when it’s up.”

Kap Pullen

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