Prism Liquid Polish was originally developed for the hospitality industry, now being used in homes across the country as an excellent polish for the stainless steel appliances: fridges, dishwashers & stoves that are in every kitchen.  Prism Liquid is safe on all metals from your finest sterling   silver to your brass bed & don’t forget your outdoor stainless grills,  chrome, copper, nickel, pewter and much more. Safe on rifles, shotguns & handguns Too!

Prism Liquid is formulated to clean, polish and protect all metals in one application. Prism Liquid is non-toxic and contains no harsh acids, caustics or abrasives; it’s safe on all metals, fiberglass, gel-coat, Plexiglas and painted surfaces.

Prism Liquid Polish is easy to use for the professional cleaning application as in New York City’s Grand Central Terminal, restaurants, hotels, churches, ships & yachts  all choose Prism Liquid Polish.  Test plated metals in an inconspicuous area before use.